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Akismet has protected your site from %2$s spam comments already. Akismet has protected your site from %3$s spam comment.Akismet has protected your site from %3$s spam comments.Akismet blocks spam from getting to your blog. %1$s spam blocked by Akismet%1$s spam blocked by AkismetAlmost done - configure Akismet and say goodbye to spamAPI KeyAccountAccuracyActivate AkismetActiveAkismetAkismet %s requires WordPress %s or higher.Akismet Anti-SpamAkismet ConfigurationAkismet Error Code: %sAkismet FAQAkismet SettingsAkismet SetupAkismet StatsAkismet SupportAkismet WidgetAkismet anti-spam strictnessAkismet can’t connect to your site.Akismet caught this comment as spam during an automatic retry.Akismet caught this comment as spam.Akismet checked %s comment.Akismet checked %s comments.Akismet cleared this comment during an automatic retry.Akismet cleared this comment.Akismet encountered a problem with a previous SSL request and disabled it temporarily. It will begin using SSL for requests again shortly.Akismet filters out spam, so you can focus on more important things.Akismet has detected a problem.Akismet has saved you %d hour!Akismet has saved you %d hours!Akismet has saved you %d minute!Akismet has saved you %d minutes!Akismet has saved you %s day!Akismet has saved you %s days!Akismet is now protecting your site from spam. Happy blogging!Akismet re-checked and caught this comment as spam.Akismet re-checked and cleared this comment.Akismet was unable to check this comment (response: %s) but will automatically retry later.Akismet was unable to recheck this comment (response: %s).All systems functional.All timeAlready have your key? Enter it here.Always put spam in the Spam folder for review.AutomatticAwaiting spam checkCancelledChangeCheatin’ uh?Check for SpamChecking for SpamChoose this option to use Akismet independently of your Jetpack connection.Choose to either discard the worst spam automatically or to always put all spam in spam folder.Cleaning up spam takes time.Cleared by AkismetClick the Use this Key button.Comment #%d could not be checked.Comment #%d is not spam.Comment #%d is spam.Comment HistoryComment not found.Comment status was changed to %sComment was caught by wp_blacklist_check.CommentsConnect via JetpackConnect with API keyConnect with JetpackConnected via JetpackContact Akismet supportCopy and paste the API key into the text field.Detailed StatsDisabled.Disconnect this accountDisplay the number of spam comments Akismet has caughtEliminate spam from your siteEnabled.Enter an API KeyEnter/remove an API key.Failed to connect to Akismet.Flagged as spam by %sFlagged as spam by AkismetFor more information:For more information: %sGet your API keyHistoryIf you already have an API keyIn 2012, Akismet began using subscription plans for all accounts (even free ones). A plan has not been assigned to your account, and we’d appreciate it if you’d sign into your account and choose one.Log in or sign up now.MissingNetwork functions are disabled.New to AkismetNext Billing DateNo Subscription FoundNo comments were caught as spam.No worries! Get in touch and we’ll sort this out.Note:On this page, you are able to enter/remove an API key, view account information and view spam stats.On this page, you are able to set up the Akismet plugin.On this page, you are able to view stats on spam filtered on your site.Or enter an API keyOr sign up with a different email addressOverviewPast six monthsPlease upgrade WordPress to a current version, or downgrade to version 2.4 of the Akismet plugin.Please contact our support team with any questions.Please check your Akismet configuration and contact your web host if problems persist.Please contact Akismet support for assistance.Please update your payment information.Please visit your Akismet account page to reactivate your subscription.Processed %d comment.Processed %d comments.Re-adding...Reactivate AkismetRemove this URLRemoving...SSL StatusSave ChangesSelect one of the options below to get started.Set up your Akismet accountSettingsShow approved commentsShow the number of approved comments beside each comment authorShow the number of approved comments beside each comment author in the comments list page.Sign up for an account on %s to get an API Key.Sign up with a different email addressSilently discard the worst and most pervasive spam so I never see it.Some comments have not yet been checked for spam by Akismet. They have been temporarily held for moderation and will automatically be rechecked later.Spam BlockedSpam blockedSpam blockedSpam in the spam folder older than 1 day is deleted automatically.Spam in the spam folder older than %2$d days is deleted automatically.StatisticsStatusStrictnessSubscription TypeSuspendedTemporarily disabled.The API key you entered could not be verified.The Akismet subscription planThe connection to akismet.com could not be established. Please refer to our guide about firewalls and check your server configuration.The key you entered is invalid. Please double-check it.The subscription status - active, cancelled or suspendedThere is a problem with your API key.There were no comments to check. Akismet will only check comments in the Pending queue.There’s %1$s comment in your spam queue right now.There are %1$s comments in your spam queue right now.There’s nothing in your spam queue at the moment.This comment was reported as not spam.This comment was reported as spam.Title:To continue your service, upgrade to an Enterprise subscription, which covers an unlimited number of sites.URL removedUn-spammed by %sUpgradeUse your Jetpack connection to activate Akismet.Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from spam. It keeps your site protected even while you sleep. To get started, just go to your Akismet Settings page to set up your API key.Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from spam. It keeps your site protected even while you sleep. To get started: activate the Akismet plugin and then go to your Akismet Settings page to set up your API key.Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from spam. Your site is fully configured and being protected, even while you sleep.View comment historyWe cannot process your payment. Please update your payment details.Would you like to check pending comments?You are connected as %s.You can help us fight spam and upgrade your account by contributing a token amount.You don’t have an Akismet plan.You need to enter an API key to activate the Akismet service on your site.You’re using Akismet on far too many sites for your Pro subscription.You’re using your Akismet key on more sites than your Pro subscription allows.Your API key is no longer valid. Please enter a new key or contact support@akismet.com.Your Akismet plan has been cancelled.Your Akismet subscription is suspended.Your Pro subscription allows the use of Akismet on only one site. Please purchase additional Pro subscriptions or upgrade to an Enterprise subscription that allows the use of Akismet on unlimited sites.Your Web server cannot make SSL requests; contact your Web host and ask them to add support for SSL requests.Your firewall may be blocking Akismet. Please contact your host and refer to our guide about firewalls.Your subscription for %s is cancelled.Your subscription for %s is suspended.Your web host or server administrator has disabled PHP’s gethostbynamel function. Akismet cannot work correctly until this is fixed. Please contact your web host or firewall administrator and give them this information about Akismet’s system requirements.commentsSpamhttps://akismet.com/https://automattic.com/wordpress-plugins/PO-Revision-Date: 2017-05-13 13:21:30+0000 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0; X-Generator: GlotPress/2.4.0-alpha Language: zh_TW Project-Id-Version: Plugins - Akismet - Stable (latest release) %1$s 將留言狀態變更為 [%2$s]。有 %d 則留言無法進行檢查。%d 則留言已移至垃圾留言資料夾。%s 之前%s 則已核准已判定 %s 則留言為垃圾留言。%s 則誤判留言%s 則遺漏的垃圾留言%s 將這則留言回報為垃圾留言。%s 將這則留言回報為垃圾留言。(%1$s...)(API 金鑰是什麼?)(復原)Akismet 已保護你的網站免於 %2$s 則垃圾留言的侵擾。Akismet 已保護你的網站免於 %3$s 則垃圾留言的侵擾。Akismet 可在你的網站中阻擋垃圾留言。Akismet 已阻擋 %1$s 則垃圾留言即將完成 - 設定 Akismet 然後跟垃圾留言說掰掰API 金鑰帳號精確度啟用 Akismet使用中AkismetAkismet %s 需要 WordPress %s 版或更新版本。Akismet Anti-SpamAkismet 設定Akismet 錯誤碼: %sAkismet 常見問題集Akismet 設定Akismet 設定Akismet 統計Akismet 支援Akismet 小工具Akismet 反垃圾留言嚴謹度Akismet 無法連線至你的網站。經過自動重新檢查,Akismet 判定這是垃圾留言。Akismet 將這則留言判定為垃圾留言。Akismet 已檢查過 %s 則留言。Akismet 在自動重試時已清除此留言。Akismet 已清除這則留言。Akismet 遇到先前 SSL 請求所造成的問題,這會造成 Akismet 的暫時停用。Akismet 會盡快重新透過 SSL 協定進行請求。Akismet 篩選垃圾留言,所以你可以專注於更重要的事情。Akismet 偵測到問題。Akismet 幫你節省了 %d 小時的清理時間!Akismet 幫你節省了 %d 分鐘的清理時間!Akismet 幫你節省了 %s 天的清理時間!Akismet 開始保護你的網站遠離垃圾留言,開始暢意寫作吧!Akismet 已重新檢查並判定這則留言為垃圾留言。Akismet 已重新檢查並清除這則留言。Akismet 無法檢查這則留言 (回應碼: %s),稍後會自動重試。Akismet 無法重新檢查這則留言 (回應碼: %s)。所有系統均正常運作。採用 Akismet 後已經有金鑰了嗎?請在這裡輸入。一律將垃圾留言移至垃圾留言資料夾中,以供稍後審查。Automattic等待垃圾留言檢查結果已取消變更喂!你想幹嘛?檢查是否有垃圾留言正在檢查是否有垃圾留言選擇這個選項,可獨立使用 Akismet 並與 Jetpack 連結進行區分。選擇自動捨棄最嚴重的垃圾留言,或是一律將所有垃圾留言移至垃圾留言資料夾。清除垃圾留言需要一點時間。由 Akismet 清除按一下 [使用此金鑰] 按鈕。無法檢查留言 #%d。留言 #%d 不是垃圾留言。留言 #%d 是垃圾留言。留言歷史紀錄沒有留言。留言狀態已變更為 %s留言已交由 wp_blacklist_check 進行判定。留言透過 Jetpack 連結連結 API 金鑰以 Jetpack 進行連結已透過 Jetpack 連結聯絡 Akismet 支援團隊將 API 金鑰複製並貼到文字欄位內。詳細統計資料已停用。中斷連結此帳號顯示 Akismet 判定為垃圾留言的數量為網站清除垃圾留言已啟用。輸入 API 金鑰輸入/移除 API 金鑰。無法與 Akismet 進行連結。由 %s 標註為垃圾留言由 Akismet 標註為垃圾留言取得更多資訊:取得更多資訊: %s取得 API 金鑰歷史紀錄如果你已經有 API 金鑰從 2012 年開始,Akismet 便對所有帳號實施約期授權方案 (包含免費帳號)。你的帳號並未加入任何方案,請登入你的帳號並擇一加入,感謝你的配合。马上登入或註冊。遺漏已停用網路功能。第一次使用 Akismet下一個帳單日期找不到約期授權沒有留言遭判定為垃圾留言。別擔心!請聯繫我們,讓我們將此予以排除。請注意:你可以在本頁中輸入/移除 API 金鑰,並查看帳號資訊和垃圾留言統計資料。你可以在本頁中為 Akismet 外掛進行設定。你可以在本頁中查看網站的垃圾留言篩選統計資料。或直接輸入 API 金鑰或以不同的電子郵件地址註冊概述過去六個月請將 WordPress 升級至最新版本,或將 Akismet 外掛程式降級至 2.4 版。如有任何問題,請聯絡我們的支援團隊。請檢查你的 Akismet 設定。如果問題持續發生,請聯絡你的主機服務商。請向 Akismet 支援團隊尋求協助。請更新你的付款資訊。請瀏覽你的 Akismet 帳號頁面 以重新啟用你的約期授權。已處理 %d 則留言。正在重新加入...重新啟用 Akismet移除這個網址正在移除...SSL 狀態儲存變更要使用 Akismet,請在下方選項中擇一進行設定。設定 Akismet 帳號設定顯示已核准的留言將已核准的留言數目顯示在每位留言者的名稱旁在留言清單頁面中,將已核准的留言數目顯示在每位留言者的名稱旁。在 %s 上註冊帳號以取得 API 金鑰。以不同的電子郵件地址註冊自動捨棄最嚴重和最普遍的垃圾留言,來個眼不見為淨。部分留言尚未經過 Akismet 檢查是否為垃圾留言。這些留言已暫時擱置以待審核,並將在稍後自動重新檢查。已阻擋的垃圾留言已阻擋的垃圾留言在垃圾留言資料夾中的垃圾留言,超過 %2$d 天便會自動刪除。統計資料狀態嚴謹度約期授權類型已暫停暫時停用。無法驗證你輸入的 API 金鑰。Akismet 約期授權方案無法與 akismet.com 建立連線。請參考這份關於防火牆的說明,並檢查目前伺服器的設定。你輸入的金鑰並不正確,請再確認一次。約期授權狀態: 使用中、已取消或已暫停你的 API 金鑰發生了點問題。沒有留言可供檢查。Akismet 目前僅會檢查在 [待審中] 清單的留言。現在有 %1$s 則留言在你的垃圾留言清單中。垃圾留言清單中目前沒有任何東西。這則留言已回報為垃圾留言。這則留言已回報為垃圾留言。標題:如需繼續使用這項服務,請升級至 Enterprise 約期授權,該授權可為不限數量的網站提供保護。網址已移除由 %s 取消垃圾留言標註升級使用你的 Jetpack 連結以啟用 Akismet。數以百萬的使用者採用 Akismet,它是保護網站遠離垃圾留言的絕佳方式,也為你的網站提供不間斷的保護。使用方式很簡單,僅需至 [Akismet 設定] 頁中設定 API 金鑰。數以百萬的使用者採用 Akismet,它是保護網站遠離垃圾留言的絕佳方式,也為你的網站提供不間斷的保護。使用方式很簡單,啟用 Akismet 外掛後到 Akismet 設定頁,輸入 Akismet 的 API 金鑰後儲存變更。數以百萬的使用者採用 Akismet,它是保護網站遠離垃圾留言的絕佳方式,你的網站已完成完整設定並由 Akismet 提供不間斷的保護。檢視留言歷史紀錄我們無法處理你的付款。請更新你的付款資訊。你想要檢查待審的留言嗎?你目前是以 %s 的身份進行連結。只要支付一筆象徵性的款項,就能協助我們打擊垃圾留言,並將你的帳號予以升級。你並未加入任何 Akismet 方案。你需要輸入 API 金鑰,才能在你的網站上啟用 Akismet 服務。你在太多的網站上使用了這個 Akismet Pro 約期授權。使用你的 Akismet 金鑰的網站數超過了 Pro 約期授權所允許的上限。你的 API 金鑰已失效。請輸入新的金鑰或聯絡 support@akismet.com。已取消你的 Akismet 方案。已暫停你的 Akismet 約期授權。你的 Pro 約期授權僅允許將 Akismet 使用於單一網站。請購買額外的 Pro 約期授權或升級至可在不限數量網站中使用 Akismet 的 Enterprise 約期授權。你的網站伺服器無法進行 SSL 請求,請聯絡主機服務商並要求它加入對 SSL 請求的支援。伺服器上的防火牆有可能阻擋了 Akismet 的運作。請與你的主機商聯絡並參考這份關於防火牆的說明。已取消 %s 的約期授權。已暫停 %s 的約期授權。你的主機服務商或伺服器管理員已停用 PHP 的 gethostbynamel 函式,必須修正這項問題,Akismet 才能正常運作。請聯絡你的主機服務商或防火牆管理員,並提供他們Akismet 系統需求的相關資訊。垃圾留言https://akismet.com/https://automattic.com/wordpress-plugins/