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Akismet has protected your site from %3$s spam comment.Akismet has protected your site from %3$s spam comments.Akismet blocks spam from getting to your blog. %1$s spam blocked by Akismet%1$s spam blocked by AkismetAlmost done - configure Akismet and say goodbye to spamAPI KeyAccountAccuracyActivate AkismetActiveAkismetAkismet %s requires WordPress %s or higher.Akismet Anti-SpamAkismet ConfigurationAkismet Error Code: %sAkismet FAQAkismet SettingsAkismet SetupAkismet StatsAkismet SupportAkismet WidgetAkismet anti-spam strictnessAkismet can’t connect to your site.Akismet caught this comment as spam during an automatic retry.Akismet caught this comment as spam.Akismet checked %s comment.Akismet checked %s comments.Akismet cleared this comment during an automatic retry.Akismet cleared this comment.Akismet encountered a problem with a previous SSL request and disabled it temporarily. 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Enter it here.Always put spam in the Spam folder for review.AutomatticAwaiting spam checkCancelledChangeCheatin’ uh?Check for SpamChecking for SpamChoose this option to use Akismet independently of your Jetpack connection.Choose to either discard the worst spam automatically or to always put all spam in spam folder.Cleaning up spam takes time.Cleared by AkismetClick the Use this Key button.Comment #%d could not be checked.Comment #%d is not spam.Comment #%d is spam.Comment HistoryComment not found.Comment status was changed to %sComment was caught by wp_blacklist_check.CommentsConnect via JetpackConnect with API keyConnect with JetpackConnected via JetpackContact Akismet supportCopy and paste the API key into the text field.Disabled.Disconnect this accountDisplay the number of spam comments Akismet has caughtEliminate spam from your siteEnabled.Enter an API KeyEnter/remove an API key.Failed to connect to Akismet.Flagged as spam by %sFlagged as spam by AkismetFor more information:For more information: %sGet your API keyHistoryIf you already have an API keyIn 2012, Akismet began using subscription plans for all accounts (even free ones). A plan has not been assigned to your account, and we’d appreciate it if you’d sign into your account and choose one.Log in or sign up now.MissingNetwork functions are disabled.New to AkismetNext Billing DateNo Subscription FoundNo worries! Get in touch and we’ll sort this out.Note:On this page, you are able to enter/remove an API key, view account information and view spam stats.On this page, you are able to set up the Akismet plugin.On this page, you are able to view stats on spam filtered on your site.Or enter an API keyOr sign up with a different email addressOverviewPast six monthsPlease upgrade WordPress to a current version, or downgrade to version 2.4 of the Akismet plugin.Please contact our support team with any questions.Please check your Akismet configuration and contact your web host if problems persist.Please contact Akismet support for assistance.Please update your payment information.Please visit your Akismet account page to reactivate your subscription.Processed %d comment.Processed %d comments.Re-adding...Reactivate AkismetRemove this URLRemoving...SSL StatusSave ChangesSelect one of the options below to get started.SettingsShow approved commentsShow the number of approved comments beside each comment authorShow the number of approved comments beside each comment author in the comments list page.Sign up for an account on %s to get an API Key.Sign up with a different email addressSilently discard the worst and most pervasive spam so I never see it.Some comments have not yet been checked for spam by Akismet. They have been temporarily held for moderation and will automatically be rechecked later.Spam BlockedSpam blockedSpam blockedSpam in the spam folder older than 1 day is deleted automatically.Spam in the spam folder older than %2$d days is deleted automatically.StatusStrictnessSubscription TypeSuspendedTemporarily disabled.The API key you entered could not be verified.The Akismet subscription planThe connection to akismet.com could not be established. Please refer to our guide about firewalls and check your server configuration.The key you entered is invalid. 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Please update your payment details.Would you like to check pending comments?You are connected as %s.You can help us fight spam and upgrade your account by contributing a token amount.You don’t have an Akismet plan.You need to enter an API key to activate the Akismet service on your site.You’re using Akismet on far too many sites for your Pro subscription.You’re using your Akismet key on more sites than your Pro subscription allows.Your API key is no longer valid. Please enter a new key or contact support@akismet.com.Your Akismet plan has been cancelled.Your Akismet subscription is suspended.Your Pro subscription allows the use of Akismet on only one site. Please purchase additional Pro subscriptions or upgrade to an Enterprise subscription that allows the use of Akismet on unlimited sites.Your Web server cannot make SSL requests; contact your Web host and ask them to add support for SSL requests.Your firewall may be blocking Akismet. Please contact your host and refer to our guide about firewalls.Your subscription for %s is cancelled.Your subscription for %s is suspended.Your web host or server administrator has disabled PHP’s gethostbynamel function. Akismet cannot work correctly until this is fixed. Please contact your web host or firewall administrator and give them this information about Akismet’s system requirements.commentsSpamhttps://akismet.com/https://automattic.com/wordpress-plugins/PO-Revision-Date: 2016-04-17 03:28:10+0000 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0; X-Generator: GlotPress/2.4.0-alpha Language: zh_CN Project-Id-Version: Plugins - Akismet - Stable (latest release) %1$s将评论状态修改为%2$s。%d条评论无法被检查。已将%d条评论移动到垃圾评论。%s前%s获准%s假阳性%s错过的垃圾%s报告此评论不是垃圾。%s报告此评论为垃圾。(%1$s...)(什么是API密钥?)(撤销)Akismet已经为您的站点阻挡了%2$s条垃圾评论。Akismet为您的站点阻挡了%3$s条垃圾评论Akismet保护您的博客,使其免受垃圾评论的困扰。%1$条垃圾评论已被Akismet阻挡即将完成——激活Akismet并向垃圾说再见API密钥帐户精确度激活Akismet活跃AkismetAkismet %s需要WordPress %s或更高。Akismet Anti-SpamAkismet配置Akismet错误代码:%sAkismet常见问题解答Akismet设置Akismet设置Akismet统计Akismet支撑Akismet挂件Akismet反垃圾严格度Akismet不能连接到您的站点。经过自动重新检查,Akismet认定这是垃圾评论。Akismet认为这是垃圾评论。Akismet检查了%s的评论。Akismet经自动重试后,认定它不是垃圾评论。Akismet认为这不是垃圾评论。Akismet在早前进行SSL请求时遇到了错误并已暂时将其禁用。Akismet将随即恢复使用SSL作出请求。Akismet为您过滤垃圾,让您可以专注于更重要的事情。Akismet发现了问题。Akismet为您节省了%s小时!Akismet为您节省了%s分钟!Akismet为您节省了%s天!Akismet正在保护您的站点免受垃圾评论的侵扰。 开始畅意写作吧!Akismet重新检查了该评论,并认为这是垃圾评论。Akismet重新检查了该评论,并认为这不是垃圾评论。Akismet未能检查此评论(响应:%s)但将会稍后自动重试。Akismet未能重新检查此评论(响应:%s)。所有系统正常。所有时间已经有密钥了?在此输入。总是将垃圾放入垃圾目录以便审阅。Automattic等待垃圾检查取消更改开玩笑,呵?检查垃圾正在检查是否有垃圾评论中使用这个选项可让Akismet独立于Jetpack连接。选择自动丢弃显而易见的垃圾或是总是将垃圾放入垃圾目录。清除垃圾评论需要时间。由Akismet核查通过点击“使用此密钥”按钮。评论#%d无法被检查。#%d不是垃圾评论。#%d是垃圾评论。评论历史未找到评论。评论状态改为%s评论被wp_blacklist_check捕获。评论通过Jetpack连接连接API密钥以Jetpack進行连接通过Jetpack连接联系Akismet支撑将API密钥复制粘贴进文本框。已禁用。断开连接这个账户显示Akismet捕捉到的垃圾评论数量消除您站点的垃圾评论启用。请输入API密钥输入/移除API密钥。连接Akismet失败。由%s标记为垃圾由Akismet标记为垃圾评论需要更多信息:需要更多信息:%s获取您的API密钥历史如果您已经有一个API密钥在2012年,Akismet开始为所有账户(包括免费的)应用订阅方案。您的账户还没有被指定方案,大家希翼您能够登入您的账户并选择一个。马上登入或注册。缺失网络功能已被禁用。首次接触Akismet下一个账单日未找到订阅没事!联系大家,大家会帮您解决。注:在这页上,您将能够输入/移除一个API密钥、查看账户信息及垃圾统计。在这页上,您将能够设置您的Akismet插件。在这页上,您将能够查看您的站点上的垃圾统计。或输入API密钥或者使用不同的电子邮件地址注册概述过去六个月请升级WordPress,或将Akismet插件降级至2.4版本。如果您有疑问,请联系大家的支撑团队。请检查您的Akismet配置,如果问题持续存在,请联系您的主机服务提供商。请联系Akismet支撑来获取帮助。请更新您的付款信息。请访问您的Akismet账户页来重新激活您的订阅。处理了%d条评论。重新加入…重新激活Akismet移除此URL正在移除…SSL状态保存更改选择以下选项之一开始。设置显示已获准的评论在评论编辑名旁显示已获准的评论数量在评论列表页在评论编辑名旁显示已获准的评论数量。在%s注册账户来得到一个API密钥。以不同的电子邮件地址注册自动丢弃显而易见的广告。有些评论Akismet还没有检查过,因此大家不确定它们是否为垃圾评论。这部分评论暂时被设为待审状态。已阻挡的垃圾评论已阻挡的垃圾评论垃圾评论目录中的垃圾评论将在%2$d天后被自动删除。状态严格度订阅类型暂停暂时禁用。您输入的API密钥无法被验证。Akismet订阅方案无法连接到akismet.com。请参见大家关于防火墙的指南并检查您的服务器设置。您输入的密钥无效,请检查。订阅状态——活跃、取消或暂停您输入的API密钥有问题。垃圾评论审核队列中有%1$s条评论待审。目前垃圾评论队列为空。这条评论被报告为不是垃圾。这条评论被报告为垃圾。标题:要继续您的服务,升级到企业级订阅,这包含了无限数量的站点。URL已移除由%s取消标记为垃圾升级使用Jetpack连接激活Akismet。由千百万人使用,Akismet可能是保护您的站点免受垃圾评论的世界上最好的方式。 即使你在睡觉时,它也保护您的站点。 使用方式:激活Akismet插件,然后转到Akismet设置页面来设置您的API密钥。查看评论历史大家未能处理您的付款。请更新您的付款信息。您要查看待审评论吗?你连接为%s。您可以通过捐献一定金额来升级您的账号,并帮助大家战胜垃圾评论。您没有Akismet方案。您需要输入API密钥来在您的站点上激活Akismet功能。您在多于您Pro订阅限制的站点上使用了Akismet。您在多于您Pro订阅限制的站点上使用了您的Akismet密钥。您的API密钥已失效。请输入一个新的密钥或联系support@akismet.com。您的Akismet方案已被取消。您的Akismet订阅已被暂停。您的专业级订阅只允许您在一个站点上使用Akismet。请购买更多的专业级订阅或升级到企业级订阅来让您在无限数量的站点上使用Akismet。您的网站服务器不能作出SSL请求;请联系您的主机提供商并让他们加入SSL请求支撑。您的防火墙可能阻挡了Akismet。请联系您的主机提供商并让参见大家关于防火墙的指南。您对%s的订阅已被取消。您对%s的订阅已被暂停。您的主机或服务器管理员禁用了PHP的gethostbynamel函数。在这被修复前,Akismet将不能正常工作。请联系您的主机或防火墙管理员并请他们查阅Akismet的系统需求。垃圾http://akismet.com/http://automattic.com/wordpress-plugins/